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I have developed, and am sponsoring www.oz4034.com as a  community website portal for the Australian 4034 Postcode and surrounds, covering  the Brisbane suburbs of Aspley, Boondall, Carseldine, Geebung, Zillmere and surrounding area

This website caters for advances in technology and varying screen sizes, such as mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop screens. While this is just a Pre-launch Version, the next step over coming months is to stage a formal launch to officially introduce it to the community. This formal launch will be large scale and widely promoted going forward, and as such will be dependent on obtaining appropriate grant funding to let it happen. Assuming that the grant funding is received, the website will then be developed into an evolving, online "one-stop-shop" to meet all requirements of the community. If no grant funding is obtained, I will continue developing the website at a lower level, without the intended formal, major launch.

Important Note  Several visitors have already registered on the website, and you are most welcome. However, please note, as mentioned above, it will be some months before the full functionality of the website becomes available, as we are dependent on grant funding to allow it to happen. We have your registered email addresses, so we will contact you once full functionality is enabled. Meanwhile visitors please hold off on registering until that functionality arrives. We will keep you updated here !

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Community Focus

 E X C I T I N G   N E W S

The above new college had an Open Day afternoon on Thursday 19th. May, 2022 during which prospective pupils and parents were able to walk around and inspect the impressive facilities.

Those who couldn't attend and would like to know more can do so online via the Website and Facebook links below:

Website:  www.holyspiritfitzgibbon.qld.edu.au

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/holyspiritfitzgibbon/

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Deals Colony has Designed, Tested and Officially Launched a new project known as

Happy Hobby Hour Junior (HHHJ).

HHHJ is a super initiative by Deals Colony, especially at a time when hand-held devices such as mobiles and tablets are ruling the lives of young people. We need to re-prioritize activities in their lives and get them actively participating in their local community with family and friends. HHHJ deserves the full support of parents of young people.

Click for more:         https://www.dealscolony.com.au/hhhj

As the above image shows, the current world we live in, has young people NOT acting like the left side three, but instead behaving like the rightmost one - online media (tablets, mobiles, etc.) control young people's lives. We need to change  our young people's environment away from being controlled by online multimedia devices, and more like depicted below.

Easter Camp for Kids Announcement

Click on picture for more info.


On TV, Channel 10's "The Project" Supported This

On Thursday September 16, 2021 on TV, Channel 10's The Project program did a report on how Facebook & Instagram are irresponsible in misguiding young people in their use of multimedia.

Click on this link to view the 3 minute video:

Ch 10 Project Report

 HHHJ Monthly Meetup has started up

Click on this link to find out more and/or get involved:


More Exciting Community News


For a report on the current status of the overall project click on the following link:



Deals Colony


Deals Colony is helping the community by promoting the turning of your hobby into a profitable business. In the above 30 minute video Monika explains the steps involved. It is well worth listening to, so turn your speakers up and click on the link.

Latest News

The COVID-19 Pandemic, which forced everyone to stay indoors at home, has seen a dramatic increase in online shopping, with major retailers doing home delivery. Almost daily, we see major retailers making home deliveries.

For that reason, we will be adding Online Shopping links for major retailers to this website, so it will make it easier for you to find and select who you want to check out and/or do online shopping with. You can view their offering without having to purchase online.


For a report on Online Shopping, just go to the Online Shopping menu above, or to connect online to a major retailer, and select a Sub-Menu.

We also envisage that the other side of Online Shopping i.e. Online Selling should be considered for local businesses. This will allow local businesses to sell their products or services online via this website. It will require further research and evolve over time, and because of the effort involved, we are seeking financial investment and/or grants to help make it happen. We will keep you posted on progress, as we go forward.