Advertising Guidelines and Pricing

The immediate slideshow sizes of logos/business cards etc. shown above, are defined by the Internet Advertising Board (IAB). These can have associated links to relevant websites or larger adverts underneath, depending on your advertising preferences and budget.

Likewise, the advertising charge rates (in US dollars) are those recommended by the IAB. However, has decided, while abiding by the IAB guidelines, to quote advertising rates in Australian Dollars, thereby saving overall dollars spend for local advertisers. Monthly and Annual advertising rates are shown after each option below.

Basically there are three levels of potential advertising available to you:

1. A simple Logo or Business Card, with a website link, in the rotating slideshow.   Charge: Monthly: $100; Annual: $900

2. That Logo/Business Card can, with a click, link to/display a more detailed advertisement underneath.   Charge:  Monthly: $180; Annual:  $2,000

3. Alternatively, under the Advertising Menu at the top, you can list your business, and with a click go straight to your main advert or website. Charge: $200; Annual: $2,200

Please bear in mind that these rates are recommended by the international Internet Advertising Board (IAB) and not by oz4034, and they are in AU$ - not US$.

We are happy to discuss and demonstrate the options which would best suit you.

Just contact us at adminThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up a chat.