David McCrystal is a widely know solo keyboard entertainer, who is highly regarded as an enjoyable entertainer at Pubs and Clubs,
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This website is designed to ultimately provide an online "one-stop-shop" service for the community, while catering for advances in technology and varying screen sizes, such as mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop screens.

In its current form it is merely a foundation stone, which over coming months will be officially and publicly launched to the community, after which it will evolve into a comprehensive, online service website.

The official launch and subsequent evolution and development of the website will of course be dependent on obtaining the necessary grant funding to enable it to happen.

Most importantly, in the community spirit, community support groups, charities and not-for-profit clubs such as bowls, fishing, rugby league, soccer etc. can have their own introductory web page, or logo and website link FOR FREE, in which they can present their club activities, fixtures, results etc. This is in the interest of providing a proper community service. To avail of this offer, simply register with us and use the Contact Us button to initiate the process. For more information on what not-for-profit clubs contribute to the community visit Queensland Clubs website at: Queensland Clubs.

Important Notes: 

Note 1:  For screen-size reasons, this new website is menu-driven rather than having a large home-page of icons and links . So please hover your mouse over the menus to see sub-menus and provide access to the link(s) you are seeking.

Note 2:   We will have a BLOG, but for security and monitoring purposes, it will only appear on the menu, when you are logged in. Therefore to interactively participate in this website you must first be registered and logged in. In the true community spirit, a nominal annual registration fee of $30 is payable, to help defray ongoing website hosting and maintenance charges. This is payable online when registering. One of the optional benefits with this is that you can be set up with an email address, for free, in the form: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Note 3:  This current, foundational version shows a moving slideshow of company logos/business cards with links to their websites where available. This is currently free and shows advertising capability, but will be chargeable once officially launched.

If you would like more background/introductory information, click on Website Intro. at top left, for a two minute video.


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